“Although my company picked up the tab for me to attend this seminar, I would’ve paid for it out-of-pocket if I had to do so.”
Rob Caron, Microsoft
“There was a collaborative effort of the teacher and the class. The class was well organized and content was applicable, focused, and reference-able.”
Tiffany Carter-Eldred, Amazon.com
“I really like the personal nature of the course. The post-class mixers are a great way to get to know instructors and students.”
Jeff Hanson, E&J Gallo Winery
“Provided new nuggets to take back into our methodology and new suggestions on how to handle existing problems.”
Beth Brady, Starbucks
“The launch of our department-wide scrum implementation is going extremely well and I credit the training from Construx as a significant factor.”
Neal Herman, BD
“Construx is a class organization and I’m glad I found this valuable resource.”
Hosrow Jaffrabhoy, Areva
“Great instructor. Good mix of examples, labs, and instruction. Instructor was able to adapt to the flow of the class.”
Mike Collyer, Best Software
“The course was an excellent way to learn about real requirements problems faced in real projects and other organizations.”
Madhavi Maheshwari, Tavant Technologies
“Construx is the best thing that has ever happened to us. Your seminars have changed the way I do business…and made me a lifelong fan of Construx.”
Dion Nugent, Forte Holdings
“Best professional development class I have attended.”
Scott Mertz, Intermec
“I particularly like that your instructors are also working consultants. Some classes that I have taken in the past were well organized and had good content, but the instructor couldn’t handle questions outside of the outline very well.”
Donald Miner, Oregon Legislative Information Systems
“Construx is a unique and invaluable resource for software organizations and practitioners.”
Scott MacCready, King County
More Testimonials
“Bob did a fantastic job navigating our organization, providing us with actionable next steps, and better aligning the team by having them focus on one topic and providing a forum for organizational and functional discipline feedback.”
Crystal Anderson, VivaKi
“Most valuable: Exceptional knowledge of the instructor. He was able to tell us why’s of everything he shared. One of the most valuable seminars I have attended.”
Raveesh Saurabh, SAP
“Course was outstanding—I wish everyone doing development at our company could attend. Excellent course, excellent instructor.”
Kara McFall, IIS
“Brings theory and best practices that I needed while already being part of a working scrum team.”
Noelle Young, Starbucks
“I was pleased by the amount I learned. I plan to highly recommend this course to most of my colleagues.”
Justin Webster, HP
“Alex is a phenomenally effective instructor. He radiates enthusiasm and confidence in his material. He clearly enjoys envangelizing and advocating for Scrum, and the way he engages the students shows it.”
Kent Lottis, Inrix
“Steve does an excellent job of presenting the material and helping you mold the way you think and apply estimation in all situations. His passion for the subject really reflects in his teaching.”
Pooja Kanipakam, Chute
“Learning the best practices for software testing where everything I’ve been doing in the past has been largely self-taught. Melvin was very helpful when answering my questions.”
Aaron Deming, Teledyne CETAC Technologies
“I have experience, or at least knowledge of, most of the concepts presented in this class but I’m still walking away with a lot of new ideas and gem I can apply when I get back to the office!”
Dan DeLapp, Tecplot
“This was the second class I’ve taken with John, and he never fails to impress and educate.”
Megan Zhuja, FBL Financial
“Most Valuable: Instructor’s deep knowledge of the subject matter and so many relevant examples are cited. Content full of references for further reading.”
Sandeep Das, SAP
“Overall the class was great. It identified what we as a company do right, do wrong, and how to best improve.”
Stefanie Schiavone, Turning Technologies