Software Development Seminars & Training

Missed delivery dates. Cost overruns. Disappointing products. These things are painful. Construx can help. We are committed to providing the highest quality training available any way you need it: On Site, OnDemand or a perfect blend of both.

On Site

New York. Rome. Tokyo. Mumbai. Beijing … to name a few.

Our technical staff has been instrumental in improving software development practices at Fortune 500 companies all across the world. On site training is one of the best ways to make high impact changes within your organization quickly and efficiently.


Construx offers cutting-edge online, OnDemand training for software professionals.

These courses focus on real world software issues and are taught by our expert staff who have hands-on experience in the real world. Our OnDemand training dives deep on essential topics to improve projects fast.


Our blended learning approach solves problems with geographically distributed teams in different time zones, consistency of message and more.

We are one of the few firms that can provide proven onsite training as well as in depth online training with the same instructors to sync up or refresh your teams anytime. We can tailor a customized training approach to maximize your return on training costs.


Software project improvement is at your fingertips. Come and learn from some of the best software instructors in the world. Our training center provides an immersive setting away from the daily office distractions. Construx public seminars are held at our training facility in Bellevue, Washington.

Breakfast and lunch are provided, and we usually follow up our seminars with some Construx home brewed beer.