DevOps Essentials

DevOps has emerged from the work of practitioners who have successfully created and managed some of the world’s most complex, robust, high performing, scalable, and secure systems. DevOps removes traditional barriers between Developers (Dev) and “IT Operations” (Ops), and in so doing, significantly improves communication and collaboration throughout all the stages of a software product’s lifecycle.  DevOps best practices enable the delivery of new features and improvements on a continuous basis along with greater efficiencies in systems management and operations. This seminar will prepare attendees to apply tool-agnostic DevOps principles and practices to rapidly deliver value to customers and stakeholders.

This seminar will prepare teams to utilize the key DevOps concepts and practices, and the topics will be presented in a way that applies to any technology.

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After completing this course, your team will be able to:

  • Explain the foundational concepts of DevOps
  • Apply key DevOps practices
  • Enhance communication and collaboration between developers, QA, and operations staff
  • Contribute to the continuous delivery of high-quality software

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