Exclusive webinar with Steve McConnell, author of Code Complete

Lessons Learned in Agile Transformation

Lessons Learned in Agile Transformation

“It was packed with insights that are pertinent to my current engagement, which is struggling with all the issues in it. I’ve already pointed others to it, thank you for posting and allowing distribution of it.”

“I loved the presentation. I am a fan of Steve’s and have been for many years. It’s great to have someone that “Gets” technology at a detailed level and yet can deliver a talk like this about organizational change. I am passing this along to a few people here, not because of the Agile content, but because Steve hits some great points about organization change and company/team effectiveness.”

As always Steve presents a persuasive argument. In particular I liked the perspective on the difference between pilot and rollout. It is easy to think that once the pilot has been successful that it is all downhill from there. Good insight.

What’s This Webinar About?

As Agile development continues to cross the chasm, Web companies, SaaS companies, and mobile-centric categories have fully transitioned to Agile—and have done it easily. Meanwhile, companies in traditional industries are struggling with their Agile transformations—including companies in healthcare, hardware, manufacturing, energy, aerospace, scientific instruments and many other industries.

In this presentation, award-winning author Steve McConnell describes lessons his company has learned first-hand helping companies transform their organizations to become more Agile in ways that are right for them.

Duration: Approx. 1 hour