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Episode List


Secret Scrum Collaboration – Earl Beede

5 Tips for Retrospectives – Jenny Stuart

Staffing the Scrum Product Owner Position – Jenny Stuart

Value Story – Alex Sloley

Are User Stories Requirements? – Earl Beede

5 Keys to Large Scale Scrum – Jenny Stuart

Agile Development

The Agile Pyramid – Alex Sloley

Agile Transformation – Change Model (Part 1) – Steve McConnell

Agile Transformation – Adoption Model (Part 2) – Steve McConnell


Estimates, Targets and Commitments – Steve McConnell

How to Tell When You are Not Being Asked for an Estimate – Steve McConnell

#NoEstimates – Steve McConnell

Estimate Types – Earl Beede

Ouija Board Estimation – Alex Sloley

Do’s and Dont’s of Estimate Discussions – Steve McConnell

Management & Leadership

The Definition of Done – Earl Beede

The Pomodoro Technique – Melvin Perez

Software Challenges for Hardware Companies – Steve McConnell

Software Requirements

What is a Functional Requirement? – Earl Beede

Are User Stories Requirements? – Earl Beede


Increasing Software Innovation – Bob Webber

Culture of Innovation – Bob Webber

John Clifford’s 7 Steps to Success

Introduction – Why Do Software Projects Struggle? – John Clifford

Step 1 – Collaborate With Stakeholders – John Clifford

Step 2 – Estimate Effort, Derive Duration – 7 Steps to Success – John Clifford

Step 3 – Commitment, Performance, Estimates and Plans – John Clifford

Methods & Processes

Lean Coffee – Alex Sloley

Longer Plans for Shorter Projects – Earl Beede

How Healthy is Your Software Process? – Steve Tockey

Dot Voting – Alex Sloley

1, 2, 4, All – Alex Sloley

Up-Down Vote/Roman Voting – Alex Sloley

Emotional Seismograph – Alex Sloley

Mad, Sad, Glad, Afraid – Alex Sloley