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A lot is expected of developers. You have to learn new tools, new programming languages, and do some tricky logic. You solve problems.

How do you find solutions to problems you may not know you have?

We’ve curated resources and courses designed to root out problems that software development teams face almost daily.

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Training, our expertise

Is it enough to just Google for answers when multi-million dollar projects (or your reputation) are on the line? We’ve dedicated the past 20 years to researching the critical and oft misunderstood methods that ensure software project success. Our consultants and trainers offer unequaled consistency and quality whether it be for onsite engagements, or our online classes. Training is what we do.

With OnDemand you get Construx’s trusted full-time instructors, including highly respected authors, inventors and innovators, who reveal the time tested ways to achieve success. Online training enables busy devs to learn whenever they have spare time in organized sessions. Professional development is important to you, and sometimes you need on demand.

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“Brings theory and best practices that I needed while already being part of a working scrum team.”

Noelle Young, Starbucks

“I was pleased by the amount I learned. I plan to highly recommend this course to most of my colleagues.”

Justin Webster, HP

“Great, easy to understand course. My team is already implementing the things we learned in our work.”

Darko Vidakovic, Nordeus